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About Us

Was hinter dem Duo Rio und Lilia steckt.



Music is a language that unites the world. 


The acoustic duo Rio x Lilia transport this message - with guitar and vocals - through their music.


The duo is especially characterized by the cultural and linguistic diversity of their set list. This includes German, English, French, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish and Italian - and more to come! They bridge not only languages but also numerous genres: from classics, current pop and RnB songs to French chansons, well-known jazz pieces and Turkish rock songs. An exciting program from all over the world.


Rio x Lilia (Ryosuke Hara and Sarah Lilia Benadda) have been a well-rehearsed team for three years - their common language music. Rio is a native of Osaka, Japan and studied classical guitar there and later here in Kassel (thought and piano?) and has been teaching guitar for over ten years now - an absolute professional. Lilia studies teaching at the University of Kassel and has been singing in several languages since she was little - a real talent for languages. 


Together the two of them take you around the world.


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